Gadget review: asus zenfone 2 laser laser 6

What I likeThe Zenfone 2 tia laze 6 has got a sharp camera module. It’s dual SIM slots & dedicated microSD thẻ are boon in this segment which has mostly seen hybrid SIM trays.What I didn’t likeThe usual thiết kế và there is nothing to lớn differentiate it from the other Zenfone models, not even the name.

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Asus Zenfone 2 Laser 6! Yes, it’s yet another Zenfone 2. I tried hard khổng lồ keep up with all the Zenfone 2 models, but I gave sầu up. It’s really confusing. Here is a business idea for Asus. Make an ứng dụng where the user đầu vào is their requirement và the output is the suggestion. Well, Asus has it all covered. They now have sầu a Zenfone lớn cover each and every market segment. The Zenfone 2 Laser 6 is an extension of the tia laze line up và the laze 6 will cover the phablet segment. There is a 5 inch, 5.5 inch & now a 6 inch Zenfone Laser. The other laze sản phẩm điện thoại was the Zenfone Selfie, which had a laser autofocus mechanism on the front as well. Now if you are still with me, lets dive in and kiểm tra if the Zenfone tia laze 6 is worth buying.


The Zenfone 2 laze 6 is a 6 inch phablet. It has the same kiến thiết language of the other Zenfones. The curved bachồng, metal brush finish removable baông xã, volume buttons at the back and power button on top, we have sầu seen it all in the other Zenfones. So nothing new here, except for the kích thước. Its a huge phone và it barely fits in a h&. It is not slippery, yet it is very difficult to lớn manage the Zenfone 2 Laser 6 in one h&. Under the bachồng panel we have the 3000 mAh removable battery, dual SIM slots và a microSD thẻ slot. The front has the large 6 inch display with thin bezels & a deep chin. The chin holds the off-screen navigation keys and they are not back-lit. The front facing camera is 5 MPhường & the rear facing camera is the 13 MP laser assisted camera with dual tone LED flash.

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Below the lens is the volume buttons. I would have loved to see the power button also integrated with the volume buttons at the bachồng, but in the Zenfone 2 tia laze 6, the power button is placed at the top, making it very inconvenient lớn reach. The placement of volume buttons at the baông chồng is something you will get used lớn và once you are used to lớn it, you would want it that way in all the mobiles. However that is not the story with the power button. The power button has feeble tactile response & you need a large hvà lớn handle it with ease. Anyway the Zenfone 2 tia laze 6 has tap lớn wake và tap to lớn sleep function and make the power button redundant most of the time. The curved bachồng is convenient khổng lồ hold but when the device is operated while placed on a flat surface, it shakes & wobbles. Yet, the build quality và the kiến thiết make me conclude that it is a sturdy device, with a stylish finish to it.



The Zenfone 2 Laser 6 has a 6 inch IPD LCD display. It supports a resolution of 19đôi mươi x 1080. The screen produces decent blachồng levels and brightness levels. Outdoor legibility was good, but under direct sunlight, the readability of the device is just average. Under normal conditions, the color reproduction is vibrant & the display has decent viewing angles. It is not ahy vọng the menu of brilliant displays we have seen this year, but it definitely a better display aước ao the devices in this segment.

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The Zenfone 2 laze 6 is powered by a octacore Qualcomilimet MSM8939 Snapdragon 615 processor with Adreno 405 GPU. It has 32 GB internal memory & has 3 GB RAM. The memory is also expandable using microSD cards by upto 128 GB. The Mobile handles resource heavy applications with ease. There were a few hiccups & frame drops while playing some graphic intensive games, but it did not hamper the gaming experience. The di động did not heat excessively. On continuous gaming for over 30 minutes, the temperature went upto 35 degree Celsius. The quality of graphics rendered is good. It runs on Android 5.0 with Zen UI on top. It handles the UI with ease & there is no lag.

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