Filmora 10

Are you looking for crack so you can use one of the most liked đoạn phim editors for free? If it is so, you may want to lớn go through this detailed guide. The sections given here explain all about crack, if it is legal lớn use a cracked version of the software, and what are some of the alternate methods lớn use for không lấy phí without cracking it.

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Part 1: How lớn Get X - NO Watermark

The fact of the matter is, you don’t have khổng lồ crack to lớn use the application for free. Some of the easy ways khổng lồ gain access khổng lồ the full version of the video clip editor that produces outputs without any watermark are listed below:

Method 1: Sign Up for a New ID

This method allows you khổng lồ use X for không tính tiền for 30 days as soon as you sign up for a new ID. You can follow the steps given below khổng lồ gain access khổng lồ all the features of the application without downloading crack:

Step 1: Get to lớn the Official Website

Launch your favorite website browser.


Step 2: Sign Up for a New Account

On the homepage, click Sign up khổng lồ claim your không lấy phí 30-day plan. On the Create your ID page, populate all the input fields with your details and click Create Account to create a new account.


Step 3: Get for Free

On the page that loads on the browser after signing up, click Download to download the full version of on your PC, and start using it for không tính tiền for the next 30 days.


Note: You can use the method above lớn get a miễn phí version without crack, whether it’s, or the latest V10.5 or later versions.

Method 2: Invite More Friends và Redeem

Another way lớn extend the không lấy phí subscription of the app, i.e., without downloading crack is by using the referral link. This solution works in conjunction with the previous one where you first need khổng lồ sign up for a new account, obtain a copy of, and then tóm tắt the referral links with your friends và family lớn redeem the points to lớn extend the 30-day subscription period.

You can learn how to vì chưng so by following the instructions given below:

Step 1: Get to the Earn Reward Points Page

After you have completed all the steps given in Method 1, mở cửa a new tab on the website browser, and go to this referral link to invite your friends.

Step 2: Copy & Share the Referral Link

On the trang đích cần seo that loads, click Copy Link lớn copy the referral liên kết to the clipboard. You can now cốt truyện this liên kết with your family, friends, and colleagues so they can sign up and obtain a free copy of as well. Each time any of your known ones sign up for a account, you earn 10 reward points.

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Step 3: Redeem the Reward Points

Once you have earned enough points, get back to lớn the referral page using the liên kết shared in Step 1, scroll down lớn the & Pro Plans section of the page, click REDEEM present under your preferred variant of, và follow the on-screen instructions to extend the 30-day subscription period for your copy of the software.


Part 2: The Dangers of Using Cracked

There are certain downsides, and most importantly, several threats that your PC becomes vulnerable to when you download and install crack. These disadvantages and dangers include:


A pirated copy of can never be as legitimate as the genuine one. Because the coding of the program is modified so that it can work without the activation key that is recognized by, the integrity of the software is lost, and therefore you experience a lot of lagging when you use crack.


Not only, but when you use an application that is not genuinely purchased, you are committing a crime. Depending on the country or region you belong to, the punishment of such a criminal offense may vary.


An illegitimate copy of any application, including crack, is not as secured as it is supposed to lớn be. Since the *.exe file of the application has to be modified so the program can be cracked, it becomes vulnerable and is likely to lớn have plenty of viruses that may damage your computer or make it permanently unstable.

Lack of Technical Support

Because crack is not a genuinely purchased program from the developer itself, you don’t get any technical tư vấn in case the app crashes. Furthermore, you cannot even report the issue khổng lồ the technical team khổng lồ seek a patch that can permanently fix the problem. In a nutshell, if something goes wrong with crack, you have lớn live with it forever.

No Updates

When you install a cracked version of, all the communication with the’s hệ thống is blocked. Because of this, you never get notified about the updates, & nor vị you get them whatsoever. As a result, you are always stuck with the installed version of the software, which gets old over time, and eventually becomes obsolete.

Part 3: Why You Should Not Use a Cracked video clip Editor?

Even though the term crack sounds quite lucrative, & compels the users to lớn grab the application instantaneously, it is imperative lớn understand that the developers of any program invest a significant amount of time & money to prepare a fully functional, flawless software khổng lồ make your tasks easier. That is why, most of the efficient apps are paid as the programmers and the vendors need to lớn cover the development cost, and also have lớn earn their living from the funds they generate from the sales. As humans, it is our moral duty & responsibility to respect the efforts the developers put, & ensure that they get what they deserve.