Angry birds ngoài không gian

Rovio di động has partnered with NASA khổng lồ launch the next version of its popular strategy puzzle game: Angry Birds (Image credit: Rovio Mobile)

Having conquered Earth — or at least its điện thoại & social networks — Angry Birds is launching inlớn outer with the lakiểm tra version of Rovio Mobile"s popular strategy puzzle game.Quý khách hàng đang xem: Angry bird space hd

Announced last week, Angry Birds will blast off on March 22 with NASA along for the ride. The agency may have even inspired the game, appropriately enough through a tweet.

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"We might be able lớn help you launch birds if you find pigs in," NASA wrote Rovio on Twitter in March 2011.

"Sounds good!" the Finnish game developer said in reply. "It might happen in the not too distant future..."

Less than a year later, and with a Act Agreement in h&, Rovio và NASA are now counting down to lớn a cross-platkhung launch that Rovio says will go where no mobile game has gone before.

"We"ll launch simultaneously in thiết bị di động gaming, animation, retail & publishing," Rovio stated. "Not only is this a first for us as an integrated entertainment company, but the first time this has ever been done for a thiết bị di động game!"

Slinging inlớn

The Angry Birds website và Clip teaser released on Feb. 17 doesn"t offer a lot of information yet, other than the release date and the Neil Armstrong-inspired khẩu hiệu, "One small fling for a bird, one quantum leap for birdkind."

A graphic on the site shows a slingshot firmly planted on the moon. In the original Angry Birds, và in its follow-on versions Seasons and Rio, players use a similar slingshot lớn launch a floông chồng of multi-colored birds at hungry green pigs, knocking over wood, stone and ice structures in the process.

Rovio said it would release more details about Angry Birds in early March but shared with Yahoo! Games that the game would introduce some new types of birds while bringing baông chồng some from the earlier games, but now enhanced with "super powers."

"You"ll be lobbing birds on entirely new planets," Yahoo! Games" Ben Silverman wrote, adding that players will have sầu khổng lồ contend with zero gravity & new gameplay elements such as slow-motion puzzles and "lightspeed" destruction.

Andrew Stalbow with Rovio North America told Silverman that the Angry Birds environments would continue to lớn employ real physics, lending an educational component to lớn the game.

For its part, the agency is "excited to see elements of exploration and science integrated into play," a NASA spokesman told

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The first Apple iPads in & an "Angry Birds" plush doll were launched to the International Station (ISS) in late 2011. (Image credit: NASA/Apple/Rovio/

Angry Birds The prequels

Angry Birds will not mark the first time, however, that Angry Birds has ventured inkhổng lồ — in the game or in real life.

Last year, Rovio added two levels to lớn Angry Birds Seasons with a theme. One was a bonus level that was unlocked only after players found golden eggs, but the other, Level 1-17 of "Summer Pignic," featured an Apollo-style lunar module và lunar rover, as well as decreased gravity slowing the rate at which the birds fell lớn the ground.

Released on July 8, 2011, the special moon landing level was timed so it coincided with NASA"s last shuttle mission, which lifted off the same day. Representatives from Rovio came to the launch as guests of NASA.

Several months later, a plush Angry Bird doll flew in real life khổng lồ the International Station on board a Russian rocket. The small, stuffed toy red bird launched with two cosmonauts & a NASA astronaut, continuing a Russian tradition of flying small toys as "zero-g indicators."

Picked out by the commander"s five-year-old daughter, the Angry Bird doll signaled to the launching crew that they made it lớn when it started to lớn float inside the haiermobile.vncraft"s cabin.

The plush Angry Bird & its crewmates will still be on the station when Angry Birds is released on March 22.

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