Fix: grand theft auto v has stopped working

After amazing gameplay with GTA 2, GTA 3, & GTA 4, Rockstar, now brings GTA 5 much lớn the rejoice of the gamers. If you are a GTA người, then you must have sầu also played San Andreas and Vice City too on Playstation 2 along with Chinatown Wars on iPod/iPhone. GTA series is not just playing a game, but it is lượt thích living a NEW LIFE. And at the same time frustration doubles if you want to play và your GTA 5 is not opening at all. Here are a few ways lớn fix GTA 5 not launching:

Steps On How To Fix GTA 5 Not Launching?

There are a few ways that have been derived from the game forums that have sầu seemed to lớn resolve sầu issues with GTA 5 not opening and have sầu been listed below:

Fix 1: Reinstall Visual C++ Files


All games require Microsoft Windows’s system files khổng lồ exexinh đẹp. These system files are termed Visual C++ và Direct X files. If you are facing issues with GTA 5 not launching, then you must download & reinstall Visual C++ lakiểm tra version from Microsoft’s official version. Once you have sầu installed the updated version, try lớn check if GTA 5, not opening is still the issue on your computer.

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Click here to visit the official liên kết for Visual Studio 2015, 2017 and 2019

Fix 2: Run GTA 5 In Admin Mode

Microsoft allows the users to lớn run programs in admin mode, which grants the applications with all permissions và privileges. An admin mode allows any program to access any system tệp tin & control Windows options and settings as well. To launch GTA 5 in administrator mode, follow these steps:

Step 1: Right-clichồng on the STEAM Shortcut icon và from the context thực đơn, select “Run as Administrator”.


Step 2: A prompt will appear where you will have sầu lớn cliông chồng on YES.

Step 3: Cheông chồng if the issue of GTA 5 not launching has been fixed.

Fix 3: Verify The Integrity Of GTA 5 Game Files Stored On Your Computer

All games installed via Steam save game files on your system và if these files get corrupted, then you need to check the integrity. This process can be carried out via the Steam interface và will fix all issues. Here are the steps lớn verify the game files:

Step 1: Launch the Steam Application và clichồng on Library lớn view the list of the games.

Step 2: From the menu locate and make a right-clichồng on GTA 5.

Step 3: Clichồng on the Properties option in the context menu.

Step 4: Next clichồng on the Local files tab and then cliông xã on Verify Integrity Option.

This will check the installed files và fix the issues if any.

Fix 4: Delete The Cache Files

The cađậy files are temporary files stored on your computer khổng lồ help run the game. However, these files often get replaced by newer temp files, & this can lead lớn files being corrupted. It is important lớn delete these files so that a new file can be stored afresh. Here the steps khổng lồ delete the cađậy files khổng lồ fix GTA 5, not opening.

Step 1: Cthua kém all applications & restart the computer.

Step 2: Press Windows + R khổng lồ open the RUN box and then type %ProgramData% & press Enter.

Step 3: In the new window that opens, locate và open the GTA 5 folder.

Step 4: Select all folders in the GTA 5 thư mục except the LocalContent Folder & delete them.

Step 5: Next, cthua the thư mục and press Windows + R lớn open the Run Folder again.

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Step 6: This time type %appdata% & Hit Enter.


Step 7: Obliterate the GTA 5 folder.

Step 8: Restart the PC & kiểm tra if this fix GTA 5 not starting has worked.

Fix 5: Update Graphics Driver

The Graphics Driver is the most important piece of software when it comes lớn playing games because what can khổng lồ see & visualize on the monitor screen is because of the color combinations sent by the Game lớn the OS which is then sent to lớn the screen. All the communication between the hardware và the software takes place with the help of drivers. To update your Graphics Driver, you can follow any of the following methods:

Method 1: Visit The OEM Website

The most comtháng Graphics cards available are Nvidia, Hãng Intel, & AMD. Cliông chồng on the liên kết provided below to visit the default trang web. You must know your graphics thẻ mã sản phẩm number to lớn tải về the appropriate drive sầu. Exedễ thương the tệp tin downloaded and follow the on-screen instructions.

Note: If you have sầu another Graphics Card then you can tìm kiếm for the official website and download it from there.

Method 2: Use The Device Manager

Microsoft has provided Windows 10 users with a powerful in-built tool that can tìm kiếm the Microsoft Servers for the updated drivers. The only limitation to this method is that the Device Manager does not search for drivers on OEM websites.

Step 1: mở cửa the Run box by pressing Windows + R and then type “devmgmt.msc” in the text box.

Step 2: Press Enter lớn open the Device Manager window, where you have sầu to lớn select Display Adapters.


Step 3: Make a right-clichồng on your graphics card và then from the contextual menu, select Update Driver.

Step 4: Follow the on-screen instructions khổng lồ complete the process of driver updates, và this will fix GTA 5 not Launching issue in Windows 10 PC.

Method 3: Install Driver Updater Software


The final method to lớn update your graphics driver khổng lồ fix GTA 5 not opening is to lớn use a driver updater software. These software are specialized in finding missing, outdated, & corrupt drivers and replacing them with the most compatible & updated version in the market. One of the most efficient driver updater software is Smart Driver Care which can also take a backup of your drivers. The steps to lớn use Smart Driver Care are:

Step 1. Download and Install the Smart Driver Care from the official liên kết provided below.



Step 4. Finally, cliông chồng on the Update Now button to clear the menu of pending issues displayed.


The Final Word On How To Fix GTA 5 Not Launching?

GTA 5 is an exciting game, just like its predecessors. However, the game required more resources và graphics than any of the older versions. There are quite a few issues reported on the Rockstar forums about how to fix GTA 5 Not launching in Windows 10. All the best & workable resolutions are provided above, & they have sầu seemed to lớn work for many. Do write in the comments section which one worked for you.

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