I don't want to miss a thing

The Story of... 'I Don't Want to lớn Miss a Thing' by Aerosmith. Picture: Columbia/Buemãng cầu Vista Pictures
Diane Warren with Aerosmith's Steven Tyler in năm 2016. Picture: Getty Diane Warren wrote the tuy nhiên, which is about treasuring every moment spent with another person.

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Barbra Streisand & Josh Brolin in 2019. Picture: Getty

When tasked with writing a tuy vậy for Armageddon, she figured it was a perfect sentiment, since the film dealternative text with the impending destruction of Earth.

Warren said: "Some of the lyrics, lượt thích 'I can stay awake just khổng lồ hear you breathing,' I'd be lượt thích, 'No, don't bởi vì that. Don't watch me breathe. I won't be able lớn sleep. Go vì chưng something else.' It's so funny, because part of me would never want someone lớn say that khổng lồ me, but then again, I write it."

What movie was it used in?

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The movie became the highest-grossing film of 1998 worldwide.

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Celine Dion was also considered, with Warren later saying: "I rethành viên being at the Sunmix Marquis Hotel, and sitting at the piano with & teaching hlặng the tuy vậy & just having chills all over my toàn thân as I heard the tuy nhiên come khổng lồ life with his voice & knowing what it was going khổng lồ be. It was an amazing experience. I'd written with Aerosmith before, & they'd never done the songs we wrote."

What happens in the music video?

It was shot at the Minneapolis Armory in 1998, and was directed by Francis Lawrence. It sees the band playing the tuy nhiên along with scenes from the film. Steven Tyler injured his knee the day before, so they used a lot of close-ups as his movement was limited.

At the kết thúc of the Clip, the screen goes out as a tearful Grace (Liv Tyler) touches one of the monitors to lớn reach out lớn her father (real life father Steven in the video; on-screen father Harry, played by Bruce Willis, in the film).

How did it perkhung in the charts?

Aerosmith - I Don't Want lớn Miss a Thing. Picture: Columbia/Epic Aerosmith had been around since the 1970s, but this was by far their biggest hit và gave sầu them a huge comebaông xã.

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It was also their only number one in the US, staying on top for four weeks. It has also sold over a million copies in the UK, peaking at four.

Aerosmith didn't care that their biggest hit was written by somebody toàn thân else. Joe Perry said: "At the time, we just didn't have the time to settle down và do it. We were out on the road, so they brought us in lớn see the movie & said 'here's the song, this is where it fits into lớn the movie, you can bởi vì it if you want.'So we were in the studio within the next three days cutting it. And yeah, we bởi vì wish that we'd had a little more time, so that we could have had a shot at writing it, but it was perfect timing. The tuy nhiên was great, people loved it, & I don't think people care that much who wrote it."

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