Where to read the manga??: konosuba

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In a world filled with lots of new anime revolving around games và being forced inkhổng lồ them, Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! is the breath of satire needed for the genre. When you hear of an anime about being stuchồng in a RPG, you been programmed khổng lồ believe sầu the main protagonist is a kind-hearted, gifted, over-powered person. Not with KonoSucha. The story itself is weak, as it does follow the typical quest/reward aspect of the genre. However, what it lacks in story it makes up for in satire, waifus, & abundant comedy.If you're tired of SAO, No trò chơi No Life, .hachồng style anime, then look to KonoSubố for that comedic view of them.

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Okay, so Konosutía became my favorite series, & I havent quite finished it all yet but I love sầu it. In terms of story.. well its story is just your average isekai tbảo hành, but the point of this is not for the story its about the characters & enjoyment of the series. Konosubố feels lượt thích your hanging out with your friends just joking around và making memories, you aren't reading this khổng lồ follow an amazing story you read it because its fun, relaxing, memorable, enjoyable, & light hearted. The MC is not your average isekai goody two shoes heart of gold guy, he isn't evil what Kazuma is is relatable. There is some romance, but its slow, there is character development but its slow because its about the comedy and the memories the characters make together. I extremely recommend this! I love sầu this, it is my favorite anime & manga and it is 100% worth a read or a watch. Just give it a chance.

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