Fix: chrome webpage temporarily down or moved permanently

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The webpage at -- might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently lớn a new web address error can occur due to a browser or Internet issue.If the browser says that The webpage might be temporarily down, kiểm tra your antivirut settings.The Website temporarily down error can be a browser issue, so, try the page in other browsers.If you see in Google Chrome the err_failed message, remix your Internet settings.

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In some cases, your Chrome installation might be corrupted, và if that happens, you need to lớn reinstall Chrome.

This is quite simple to bởi, but if you want khổng lồ ensure that Chrome is completely removed, it’s advised to use uninstaller software.

Once you remove sầu Chrome, install it again & the issue should be completely resolved. If the issue is still present, you might want to lớn try Chrome Beta or Chrome Canary.

The Beta version might have sầu some upcoming fixes, và it can fix The webpage might be temporarily down or it may have sầu moved permanently message.

In addition to lớn Beta version, there’s a Canary version that has the lademo fixes & features, but this version might not be as stable as the Beta version.

6. Winsock Reset

Cliông xã the Windows start inhỏ and vị a search for cmd.Type the following commands và hit enter after each:ipconfig /releaseipconfig /renewipconfig /flushdnsnetsh int ip phối dnsnnetsh winsochồng reset

Winsoông xã is a Dynamic Link Library for the Windows OS that defines how the OS interacts with the network. Sometimes Winsoông chồng gets corrupted, which leads to internet connectivity issues.

7. Make sure that Chrome is up to lớn date

Cliông chồng the Menu ibé in the top-right corner.A new tab will now appear and Chrome will start checking for available updates.

This issue can sometimes appear if your version of Chrome is out of date, and in order to lớn make sure that everything is running smoothly, it’s advised to keep Chrome up lớn date.

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Chrome already updates itself automatically, but you can always check for missing updates. Once you update Chrome, kiểm tra if the issue is still there.

8. Make sure that your current time zone is correct

This issue can sometimes occur if you move sầu to lớn a different time zone. However, you can fix the issue simply by making sure that your time is correct.

After doing that, your time & date should be automatically updated. If you want, you can also cliông chồng the change button to lớn manually set the correct time & date.

After you adjust your date & time, the issue should be resolved.

9. Remix your Internet options

Press Windows Key + S and enter Internet options. Now cliông chồng the Reset button once again to lớn confirm.

Sometimes, this problem can occur if there are some issues with your Internet settings. To fix this issue, some users are suggesting resetting Internet properties to lớn the mặc định.

After resetting your Internet settings to lớn the default, kiểm tra if the problem is still there.

Hopefully, one of the above fixes resolves your This site can’t be reached bug. Of course, the hope is you won’t have sầu khổng lồ resort lớn uninstalling your entire Chrome browser.

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But, as we have sầu said, if all else fails, that is probably your last option. Let us know, in the comments below, if any of our fixes have worked.