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By Vince IngenitoI must confess that prior khổng lồ writing this reviews I never gave sầu Naruto, as an entity, a fair chance -- due mostly to the derision directed at it by my friends during their fits of anime snobbery. But I couldn't deny the dirty truth I was hiding: deep in my heart, buried between my nostalgia for the Tenchi Muyo TV series & my budding love for K-pop, a burning desire to dive headlong inkhổng lồ the Naruto lớn franchise was brewing. Narulớn Shippuden: Ultimate Nin-Ja Impact ended up being all the trigger I needed. Despite its repetitive combat & poor enemy AI, it serves as a gateway drug for Naruto lớn newcomers. Ultimate Ninja Impact follows the titular anime series from beginning to lớn over, hitting the series' highlights along the way. The core gameplay owes much khổng lồ Dynasty Warriors, dropping you inlớn 1 vs. 100 style beat 'em up battles on open playing fields. The main offers a sizable đôi mươi hours of nội dung, during which you get lớn play as, and level up, a huge cast of colorful characters while collecting and equipping stat enhancing cards lớn further augment their abilities. If you're not in the mood for a lot of exposition and dialogue, you can head over to lớn the Extra và Tag Mission modes and get right to lớn the clobberin', either on your own or with a buddy over ad hoc.


Right from the title screen, I found Ultimate Ninja Impact's use of the Naruto lớn franchise impressive sầu. The menus, the world bản đồ và the dialogue scenes are all saturated with sights and sounds that feel right at home in the Naruto lớn universe. Well produced English & Japanese language tracks round out the package and helped lớn fully immerse me in the game's plot. While Narulớn & Sasuke get the most spotlight, the game does a good job of incorporating the stories of other characters as well, and makes them surprisingly compelling khổng lồ boot. I found myself so invested in some of them that I'm honestly chomping at the bit to lớn meet them during my now inevitable Narulớn viewing marabé. This respectful treatment of the source material carries over into lớn combat where each character's shaiermobile.vnature moves are put on beautiful display with fluid animations & the same vibrant color palette that Narukhổng lồ is known for.

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As you Rasengan waves and waves of enemy ninjas into the next zip code, other characters chime in with their thoughts và observations on the situation at hvà. While these can start repeating during longer battles, they help maintain the tone of the plot between story sequences.

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It kept me focused on the task at hand, even when I felt lượt thích I was doing the same thing as I did last mission & the mission before that. Naruto Shippuden gave sầu me that feeling quite often. While the game offers up a lot of content in both the main và extra modes, the shallow, repetitive sầu nature of the combat devalues that nội dung a bit. Don't get me wrong, unleashing awesome looking secret techniques on hordes of hapless foes felt immensely entertaining & made me feel lượt thích a real Jinchuriki badass, but the constantly recycled battles and mission objectives started giving me deja vu pretty quickly. The poor, occasionally broken enemy AI didn't help either, especially within the large groups of lesser enemies you fight constantly. Not only bởi vì they sport very little variety, but they also appear lớn have an aversion to lớn violence. Even when surrounded by a hundred or more foes, I could safely sit there and charge up my chakra, bake a cake, or simply stare off into space, secure in the knowledge that I probably wouldn't be attacked.


Speaking of staring off into lớn space, that's what the enemy archers in this game love sầu to vì chưng most. Once per battle I would find a group of them clustered together doing nothing but glaring at me catatonically, waiting to lớn be granted the gift of artificial intelligence so that they may do something other than look on as I slaughtered them and their comrades. Alas, their gift would never come. The sub-trùm and boss characters fared better in this regard, aggressively pressing the attaông xã & utilizing their own mix of flashy, damaging jutsu techniques. Though definitely more challenging, they all felt very similar khổng lồ one another và were repeated a few too many times each. After beating the same sub-trùm for the third time in the same cấp độ, his constant protestations against my ever being able to lớn defeat him started to ring a little hollow, especially since he was using the same tactics as the last 3 jokers before him. While none of these flaws kept the combat from being fun, they did prsự kiện it from being as deep & rewarding as it could have, và should have been.


As a lover of action games, I found the combat to be enjoyable but entirely too easy & repetitive sầu. Yet as a person who also appreciates good stories and memorable characters I think Ultimate Nin-Ja Impact satisfies.