50 themes đẹp cho win xp

Windows XP.., once the darling of computer users, has not been receiving any updates from Microsoft since April năm trước. Although Microsoft has stopped supporting Windows XP., even today, more computers are running Windows XP than Windows 8.1.

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Many computer users love Windows XPhường for its simple user interface. The decade-old operating system doesn’t ask for powerful hardware, unlượt thích its successors. And above all, most of the software out there still tư vấn Windows XPhường. Despite all these good things, the fact is that Windows XP.. is now outdated, & users are slowly but steadily switching to lớn Windows 8.1 as well as the lachạy thử Windows 10.

Windows 10, the successor to Windows 8.1, is receiving appreciations from PC users, especially from those who were not happy with Windows 8/8.1. In addition khổng lồ the much-requested Start thực đơn, Windows 10 is full of new features và surprises. Windows 10 was for a không lấy phí nâng cấp for Windows 7 và Windows 8/8.1 users who upgraded khổng lồ Windows 10 in the initial years of Windows 10 launch.


Five Windows XP themes for Windows 10

If you have already installed and using Windows 10 but not happy or bored of the mặc định Windows 10 theme (visual style), you can now download and install Windows XPhường themes on your Windows 10.

Sagorpirbd, a member of DeviantArt, has released a pachồng of Windows XP themes for Windows 10. The paông xã includes Windows XP’s Lumãng cầu, Metallic, Royale, and Zune for the latest Windows 10.

As you can see, all Windows XPhường themes that have been ported lớn Windows 10, looking well on Windows 10. In addition khổng lồ those five themes, the paông xã includes original Windows XP wallpapers as well.


If you love sầu the idea of having Windows XPhường themes on Windows 10 but not sure how to lớn download & install them, here is how khổng lồ bởi that.

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Installing Windows XPhường themes in Windows 10

Before installing any visual style, we recommend you manually create a system restore point to lớn be on the safer side. If anything goes wrong, which is very unlikely, you can use the previously created restore point to lớn restore earlier settings with a few mouse clicks without losing data.

Step 1: Windows 10 (any other version of Windows for that matter) doesn’t tư vấn third-tiệc nhỏ themes. To prepare your Windows 10 for third-các buổi tiệc nhỏ themes, you need khổng lồ install the lakiểm tra UXStyle, which can be downloaded from here.


Step 2: Next, visit this page of DeviantArt and download Windows XPhường themes for Windows 10. You need to lớn extract the downloaded RAR tệp tin (learn how to lớn extract RAR files in Windows) lớn get Windows XP.. themes for Windows 10 thư mục.


Step 3: Now open up Windows XP.. Themes for Windows 10 folder khổng lồ see the Theme thư mục. You need to lớn copy all files & folders exist in the Theme folder khổng lồ the Themes thư mục present in your Windows 10’s drive.

To quickly open the Themes thư mục of Windows 10, open Run comm& box by simultaneously pressing Windows & R keys, type %windir%ResourcesThemes in the box, & then press Enter key.



Step 4: Finally, right-click on the desktop, click Personalize, and then switch lớn the Themes tab lớn see all installed Windows XP. themes, and then clichồng on a theme lớn apply the same.

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That’s all!

Do let us know if you’re having any difficulties in downloading or installing the Windows XP.. theme for Windows 10. Don’t forget to lớn nói qua your experience in comments.

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